About Syus & Rumah Kebaya Bangsar

SYUS Couture (established in 2015), is primarily focused in the sales and promotion of particular Malay traditional outfit namely ‘Baju Kurung’’. SYUS COUTURE is geared to be ‘THE’ trend setter in promoting Malaysian Traditional Kebaya. Our classic and contemporary designs of Kebaya will continue to inspire women at all ages who appreciates fashion, versatility and comfort. Each Kebaya is made with the best quality of material, preciously sown with love and passion. Our inspiration is to become the Icon of Malaysian Kebaya.

Rumah Kebaya Bangsar also known as RKB (established in 2016), is a platform branding for; SYUS Couture. Rumah Kebaya Bangsar is a new fashion house which will become a one stop centre for exclusive ‘Malaysian Traditional Outfit’. Rumah Kebaya Bangsar will be hosting SYUS Kebaya, Baju Melayu, fashionable and specially designed scarfs and eclectic accessories. We offers wide selections for your whole family and provide the best shopping ambience and experience with our cosy interior design and customer service.